Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do Your Homework

You can't turn on your television or go on the internet without someone talking about voting. I'm not a politically person at all. So when people ask me who am I voting for I tell them I dont know yet. They look at me weird and tell me that I need to vote for Obama. Besides everyone and their mama supporting Obama I don't know much about him. I dont know his polices, where he stands on gay marriage, the war in Iraq, abortion, etc. Same goes with McCain. I'm not hoping on anyone's bandwagon without doing my homework. Election day is November 4th so I still have a lot of time to decide who I want to throw my support behind. Who knows I might like McCain more then Obama.

So whoever you're voting for on election day make sure you did your homework and know why you're voting for that person. Just don't vote for someone because they might be more popular then another candidate. Because when people ask you why you voted for you'll have an intelligent answer to give them.

Know Your Hip Hop Vol.2

Lauryn Hill is one the greatest musicians to ever live and this album proved it. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill dropped August 25, 1998 at #1 on the Billboard charts. This album earned her 11 grammy nominations and she won 5 including Best New Artist, Best R&B album and Album of the Year. This album is filled with soulful ballads with love, pain, hurt and rejoice and this album has the greastest break up song of all time, Ex Factor. This also showed that there is still a place for a strong black women in hip hop and they can have something to say. Even though Ms.Hill has been MIA lately making appearances here and there and a Fugee's reunion album have been rumored. Lauryn doesn't have to write another song the rest of her life, she has her masterpiece.