Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vice Grip

Feel free to yell at the world.
Sudden implosions from the chest,
Can make one's sanity weak.
Letting go is the first step.
This took over your life,
And all your vanity
I watch to see how far you,
Can make it in the dark.
Because helping hands,
Were pushed away.
As me and the company you keep,
Watched you cling to that life perserver.
Would say you hit rock bottom,
But you're too confortable there.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Calling Out Dr. Dre

Dear Dr. Dre,
Where's Detox? C'mon man? Stop bullshitting the people and just tell us Detox is never coming out. I understand that this is one of the most anticipated albums ever in hip hop history so you want to work the tweaks out. But for four years? C'mon man. You're just lead us around saying that Detox will be out this year or will be out fall of this year. What happened to it coming out before The Game's first album? Oh wait, you scrapped that and gave the beats to The Game. How many time are you going to call off this album and then decide it's back on? Do you remember that youtube video you did with Bishop Lamont saying Detox was dropping September of 2007? Well I do and guess what homie, 2 double 0 seven has come and gone. You know when(I mean if) this album ever comes out this better be some mind blowing stuff. With all the faulty dates and all the hype this better be the best thing my ears have ever heard. I've had so many discussion with people about this album and I finally gave up. I won't believe anything until I have physical album of Detox is my hand and I can put it in my cd player. Until then I'm calling bullshit on Dr. Dre and his word means nothing till the album hits the stores.

Dre, it's okay if you don't drop this album fans have already come to terms with it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This Ones For Bri

As most of you know by now the body of Brianna Denison was found Friday afternoon in a southwest Reno field. On Saturday Reno police confirmed our worst fears when they announced that the body they found was indeed Brianna. First I want to say to Bri's family that I'm truly sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. The second thing I want to address is the community. This community went above and beyond to make sure everything that could be done for Brianna was done. From having a missing person posters covered every inch of this city, to bring national attention to this case. The support this community gave the Denison's was phenomenal but it's not over yet there's is still a rapist out there who needs to get caught. If you know anything make sure you report it to the right authorities.

My last words are to Bri. At your first candle light vigial I told your family to keep their head's up because you would come home. Well, you did.

R.I.P. Brianna Denison

Very much love.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nas and The Nigger Shirt

How many of you watched the Grammy's on Sunday? I didn't get a chance to watch them but Monday I heard all about them. What really caught my attention was hearing that Nas was wearing a shirt that said nigger. If you haven't seen the pictures peep them here:

If your wondering why Nas and his girl are wearing nigger shirts, it's because thats the name of his new album. I personal think it's genius for him to have worn that to the grammy's. Thats the best marketing you can ask for. Wearing your controversial album title to the biggest day in music. Since the pre show coverage was all live the networks didn't get a chance to blur out the word. I want to know how many news ceo's were shitting bricks when they saw that? But also Nas presents in a very good manner. He approaches the subject with intelligence and keeps it moving.

The word nigger has been so taboo for so long and it has such a controversial history. Why not throw it out there? This is going to get people to talk and in a good way. Yes, it's going to have its pros and cons but this needs to be talked about. Nas being a leader in the hip hop community this is just going to bring it this subject out even more. What I'm really waiting for his good ol' Bill O'Reilly to chime in with his two cents. Bill's always see's hip hop as a scapegoat for America's problems so this is going to really get his panties in a bunch. But then again Nas isn't a stranger to controversy himself. I mean his last album was names Hip Hop Is Dead for sakes so this album is just pushing this farther. We'll see what happens when the album actually drops.


Monday, February 11, 2008

James "J Dilla" Yancey

This post is dedicated to the late great J Dilla. One of the best hip hop producers to ever pick up a mpc. It's been two years since Dilla passed away but his legacy lives on through the people he knew, the artist he worked with, and the music he inspired. I personal want to say thank you to Dilla for giving us some the finest production that hip hop has ever heard. So J Dilla thank you.


We love donuts too.

Till Next Time.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I consider myself an observer. A observer of what? Everything. As a youngin' I was a major shit talker and my mouth got me in trouble all the time. As I got older I stopped talking shit(well, kept it to a minimal) and just started watching. Now as a writer/poet being a observer keeps me inspired because I can write something based off of anything.

The one thing I've always observed is relationships people have with eachother and the relationsips I keep myself. Living with three females has given so much insight on how girls keep their relationships. I've noticed girls take stuff way more personal then it should be ever taken. Sometimes I want to say "chill out everything is going to be fine" or "don't worry" but sometimes saying nothing is the best thing you can do. The other thing I've noticed is how they handle themselves with the oppostie sex. Living with girls I've overheard enough stuff to make me go "wtf?" I want to yell out and smack some sense into these girls because if they saw things from the other side they might just understand. But then again this is not my place to say how certain things work.

The relationship I observe is people's relationship with family. I've had my fair share of family problems and sometimes I feel I need to bed related to Dr. Phil. My relatioship with my mom is totally different then the one I have with my dad, which in turn is completely different then the one with my sister. But the similarity they do share is that I approach each one with caution because each one is fragile and need to be handled gently. I honestly feel like if I was completely open, feelings would get hurt and if I told my loved ones how I felt, I probably wouldn't have a relationship with them.

As I sit here and write about this I noticed something about myslef. No matter what relationship I have family/friend/etc I never put too much out there. When you put yourself out there people are going to judge, thats just the nature of the beast. If you put too much out there then people like to pick, prod and judge. So I don't need to put a lot of myself out there because then people like to take that and make assumptions. Jumping to conclustion is something you should never be proud of because in the long run it just makes you look like an ass. I know, I've dont thing before and made an ass of myself.

After all of this my advice for relationship is keep them separate don't one affect the other. Hold your most personal relationships sacred and close because if you don't people are going to jump in and fuck with your head.


Much Love,