Friday, April 25, 2008

Cops Acquitted In Sean Bell Shooting

I really don't know what to say right now. I'm really disgusted in our legal system right now. I really hoped that justice would of been served for Sean Bell and his family. Here's Sean Bell's story for those that need to play catch up: I dont know what to say but it's really fucked up and some people wonder why people hate police.

Sean Bell

A big FUCK you goes out to Michael Oliver, Marc Cooper & Gescard Isnora the cops acquitted in the case.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Food For Thought

Today's posts is about Mr. Riq Gee's aka Black Thought from The Legendary Roots crew. I was listening to The Roots album The Tipping Point and realized how underrated he is. He doesn't nearly get enough credit for what he does. My true hip hop heads can attest to this without a doubt. Listen to any of The Roots albums, he straight kills everything he's one from Orangix to Super Lyrical with Big Pun to Game Theory. Dude is a straight emcee, it just oozes from his veins. Don't believe me? Check this out then, his verse from Somebody's Gotta Do It:

Yeah ya'll, ideal for a lyrical perfectionist
Raw, that's what every soldier in my collective is
Thought, control level is that of a gold medalist
My level headedness make it come off so effortless
The rebel is a opposite extreme of devilish
Back setting it with the answer to your deficit
My track record is hot shit, consecutive
Smug, I got game just like a record executive
A kiss to the feminine girls loving a gentlemen
A genius slash gangsta with a skill for swindling
Bet on Black
Bet these cats that's all gelatin
Will fall back spittin' them raps that's unintelligent
Raps that cap, rabid rattlin' out the gattlin'
Crippling rhymes whistlin' past, blow you back in
Smellin' your blood now I'm huntin'
Blowin' your front in for frontin' what up cousin?
Oh, now it's nothin'
Yo, you can't go beyond a point of no returning
I flip like my name Turner
That's for certain nigga, Ted Turner, Nat Turner, nigga Ike Turner
The raw sojourner for truth
The mic burner

You can't tell me that's not just raw lyrical skill right there. People don't think of him because he's not the type of cat to be jumping on everyone's shit. The last time I heard him on someone's album was back on 2002, when he did Talib Kweli's classic album Quality. But as a hip hop head how can you not love that collabo. You got Kanye West on the beat, Talib, Black Thought, and Pharoahe Monch on the lyrics. He's been holding it down for a while, been in the game for over ten years. Each new Roots album be bring something new to the table.

Remember to pick up the new Roots album Rising Down next Tuesday.

Support REAL hip hop.

Coffey OUT!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm a big fan of Jay Smooth and Jay is a really smart, informative brotha with a lot to say. I just checked out his blog on connectedness and it really hit home. So check out the video because you'll most likely agree with it.

Make sure you check out because it's probably the best video blog out there right now. Plus the coffey doesn't co sign wackness either so you know it's good then.

What Would You Die For?

Seriously think about that question for a minute. Is their something you believe in so strongly that you would gladly die for? Would you die for a principle or belief? Or how about religon? I think my generation, our generation needs to really think about that and examine ourselves. If someone had a gun to your head and asked you what would you die for? Then right after you responded they pulled the trigger. Could you be happy with that decision? Don't feel bad if you're struggling with that question. I myself think about this question everyday and everyday I can't seem to find something. To answer this question you need to do a lot of soul searching and reflect to see where you're at in your life. Shit, I'm only 20 years old I have more then enough time to figure this out. Maybe one day I'll have an answer, maybe one day you'll have a answer too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What About Bukowski?

Do you know what April is? Beginning of spring? No. April is national Poetry month and since I'm a poet(that title is used very loosely). Like the title says I'm going to throw some Bukowski on you. I'm very new to Bukowski, like I just picked up my first book by him yesterday but the couple of poems I've read before by him it looks like we'll have a very long, meaning ful relationship. I gave you Mr. Charles Bukowski:

artisitic selfishness

what's genius?
I don't know
but I do know that
the difference between a madman and a
professional is
a pro does as well as he can within what
he has set out to do
and a madman
does exceptionally well at what
he can't help

now I am looking
inthi unshaded lightbulb
at 11:37 p.m. on a Monday night
tiny names
Van Gogh


I'll leave you with something your truly wrote. I'm not as good as Bukowski but I'm working on it.

Untitled Affair

Because she was across the room
I didn't say a word
Having all the execuses in the world
Approached from the left
Having all the right intentions

We made eye contact
She brushed back her hair
Holding her drink
Clutching her purse
Sitting at the bar

Approached from the right
Still nothing, not a word
We made eye contact one more time
She waved lightly with her fingers
I said hi.