Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Used To Be Fly But.....

A while back ago I got a text from a girl that I havent talked to in about two months. I found it odd because outside of this text this person hadn't tried to contact me. The text said something like "andrew I miss you. we need to hang out, etc." Me and this girl used to hang out and talk, text a lot. I kinda dug her but I wasn't sure if she dug me. So I never put myself out there completely just incase I needed to draw back no feelings would get hurt.

Well the last two conversations I had with her was that she was hanging out with her ex. That he was taking her out somewhere and she wasn't sure about this, that or another. Well for a guy who is kinda interested in a girl that's never a good sign. Well since that last text message I got from her we haven't talked. As I sit here thinking about this situation I had an epiphany. If did really dig this girl like I thought I did. I would of tried to text her or call her but in the long run I didn't and I felt like I haven't lost anything. It's safe to say that I probably won't look back and kick myself for not doing anything.

The only words I have for her is:
"you used to be fly but you crashed your plane."


Till next time world.

Much love,

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