Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Calling Out Dr. Dre

Dear Dr. Dre,
Where's Detox? C'mon man? Stop bullshitting the people and just tell us Detox is never coming out. I understand that this is one of the most anticipated albums ever in hip hop history so you want to work the tweaks out. But for four years? C'mon man. You're just lead us around saying that Detox will be out this year or will be out fall of this year. What happened to it coming out before The Game's first album? Oh wait, you scrapped that and gave the beats to The Game. How many time are you going to call off this album and then decide it's back on? Do you remember that youtube video you did with Bishop Lamont saying Detox was dropping September of 2007? Well I do and guess what homie, 2 double 0 seven has come and gone. You know when(I mean if) this album ever comes out this better be some mind blowing stuff. With all the faulty dates and all the hype this better be the best thing my ears have ever heard. I've had so many discussion with people about this album and I finally gave up. I won't believe anything until I have physical album of Detox is my hand and I can put it in my cd player. Until then I'm calling bullshit on Dr. Dre and his word means nothing till the album hits the stores.

Dre, it's okay if you don't drop this album fans have already come to terms with it.

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