Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Industry and The Ringtone Artist

Music has entered a new era and that is of the ringtone artist. If you wondering what a ringtone artist is let me break it down for you. A ringtone artist is a musician that the record companies groom knowing that the artist's single will probably sell more ringtones then actual records. First off let's not get mad at the record companies for capitalizing on something so simple. Look at Soulja Boy he's sold over 5 MILLION ringtones of Crank Dat and he's still going strong. You know who you should be mad at...........wait for it..............wait for it......................you should be mad at yourself, yes I'm including myself in that too. We have conditioned our ears to just wanting to hear singles and not the rest of the album. With the help of itunes consumers can pick and choose what they want. I mean why take the risk of buying an entire album and not liking it when you can buy the hot single and know you will like it. Well if you don't believe me can you name Huey aka Mr. Pop lock and dropout its other single? Or how about this just another song on his album? Thank you point proven, but just lik everything else the record companies had to learn to adapt to the digtial age and they have done quite well if you have ask me. So don't get mad and say we're being fed bullshit when you're sitting there eating this up. Think about it when you buy that hot new artist's ringtone.



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