Friday, April 4, 2008

What Would You Die For?

Seriously think about that question for a minute. Is their something you believe in so strongly that you would gladly die for? Would you die for a principle or belief? Or how about religon? I think my generation, our generation needs to really think about that and examine ourselves. If someone had a gun to your head and asked you what would you die for? Then right after you responded they pulled the trigger. Could you be happy with that decision? Don't feel bad if you're struggling with that question. I myself think about this question everyday and everyday I can't seem to find something. To answer this question you need to do a lot of soul searching and reflect to see where you're at in your life. Shit, I'm only 20 years old I have more then enough time to figure this out. Maybe one day I'll have an answer, maybe one day you'll have a answer too.

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